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From what I understand, OnError will only be hit in the event of unhandled exceptions in the code. Handled exceptions will never see OnError. Here's the situation I'm in: I am creating an HttpModule to globally handle errors in our existing ASP.NET apps. But, a lot of these apps already have error handling built in (try...catch). What I want/need is for ALL exceptions, handled and/or unhandled, to bubble up the request pipeline to the HttpModule OnError event. If this isn't possible, what are some other options, if there are any? Keep in mind that I need exception details, so customErrors in the web.config isn't an option. The goal is to drag/drop the module into our existing applications for easy plug and play, so to speak.

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@AndersAbel This other question is one I asked a few hours ago. I thought I was asking different things. I need to know HOW to force the OnError to catch all exceptions. –  Mike Marks Nov 15 '13 at 20:41

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