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In C#, how do I get the name of the drive that the Operating System is installed on?

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Do you mean like, "C:\" etc? Or do you mean the volume name like "Storage"? – TraumaPony Oct 14 '08 at 6:41

This should do it for you:

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Yep, about as simple as it gets! – Matt Hanson Oct 14 '08 at 5:15

All other Environment properties can be found at ms itself :

SystemDirectory - Gets the fully qualified path of the system directory.

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There is an enum "SpecialFolder" in Environment where we can select the folder we are looking for..


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while your answer is in the right direction, i suggest you don't use the special folder "Desktop" in your example - use the SystemDirectory instead, since the desktop can be relocated to a network folder or another drive. I'll swap an edit on your part for an upvote on my part ;) – Daren Thomas Dec 23 '11 at 12:43

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