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I have a function that takes in the personalia of a person

function person = prompt_person ()
name = input ( ' Whats your name ? ' , 's' ) ;
day = input ( ' What day of the month were you born ? ') ;
month = input (' What month were you born ? ') ;
year = input ( ' What year were you born? ') ;
phone = input ( ' Whats your telephone number ? ') ;
date_of_birth = struct ('day', day, 'month', month, 'year', year) ;
person = struct ( 'name' , name, 'date_of_birth' , date_of_birth , 'phone' , phone ) ;

But I keep getting the error message "Invalid field name "name" ", "Error message in prompt_person (line 8) And I have no idea whats wrong because I've tried creating a simpler little test function:

function [out] = tes( )
word=input('Insert word here ','s');
num=input('Insert number here ');
out= struct('Number1', word, 'Number2', num);

And it works just fine, even though it seems to be the exact same code which gets me in toruble in the first function. Any ideas what's going on here?

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Try to use personName as variable name. – Alexandre Bizeau Nov 15 '13 at 17:57
Can't reproduce this over here...What MATLAB version are you using? – Rody Oldenhuis Nov 15 '13 at 17:59
Im using Matlab r2013a – user100620 Nov 15 '13 at 18:09

I tried changing the variable name to personName as suggested and I accidentaly found out whats wrong: Turn out I needed to use a variable name with no space between the '' and the text.

E.g. 'PersonName' instead of ' PersonName '.

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You might consider using strtrim to strip leading and trailing whitespeace from a string. For example:

>> name = ' John Doe   ';
>> name = strtrim(name)
name =
John Doe

If you need to remove all spaces, try strrep(name,' ','').

>> name = strrep(name,' ','')
name =
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