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Is there any way to change a value of a setting in the Settings.settings file of a C# project during the installation stage. I have 2 projects in 1 solution, 1 is the actual project, and the other is the Setup and Deployment > Setup Project project.

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Why do you not just have the values in app.config and then you can change them as much as you want? –  Andrew Nov 15 '13 at 18:37
Where's that? and What does it do? and How do I use it? –  Zach Ross-Clyne Nov 15 '13 at 18:40

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You might already have an App.Config file. If not make sure try clicking the "Show all files" icon in Solution Explorer. Then, if you still do not have one right-click your project and select "Add new Item" there is a item type of config file. For more info see MSDN's documentation on adding a config file

Basically it's an XML file in which you add values you want to use to configure your application by using:

          <add key="My Key" value="Some Value"/>

You access the config file by including System.Configuration in your code and then use the following:

string myValue = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["myKey"];

This way you can control values through deployments - we have config files for our dev, UAT and live environments with things such as database/web service locations and items specific to the deployment. It's a much easier way of doing things IMO.

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