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I am trying to do linear combination in Numpy to get the traverse of the vector between two points, but the way I am doing is quite hideous.

import numpy as np
print c

Output being

[[ 3.          4.        ]
 [ 2.33333333  3.33333333]
 [ 1.66666667  2.66666667]
 [ 1.          2.        ]]

Is there any better way to do it (of course efficiently)?

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If you add a size one dimension to the end of your t array, broadcasting will take care of the details:

>>> a=np.array([1,2])
>>> b=np.array([3,4])
>>> t=np.linspace(0,1,4)
>>> t[..., None] * a  + (1 - t[..., None]) * b
array([[ 3.        ,  4.        ],
       [ 2.33333333,  3.33333333],
       [ 1.66666667,  2.66666667],
       [ 1.        ,  2.        ]])
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Thank you very much. By size one dimension do you mean the None that you have added? – Cupitor Nov 15 '13 at 19:20
Yes, a[:, None] is the same as a.reshape(a.shape[:1]+(1,)+a.shape[1:]). So you are actually better off doing a[..., None] which is the same as a.reshape(a.shape+(1,)), will edit the answer. – Jaime Nov 15 '13 at 19:22

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