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Hey I wanted to take the loop below and also make it skip admin shares if the share starts with "_o _"

my loop is:

'Compares The UnApproved Shares to the Current Shares
    For Each objItem In colItems
        Dim StrNonUnapprovedShares, Item
        StrCurrentShares =
    if instr(AdminShares,lcase( > 0 or mid(,2,1) = "$" or left(lcase(,10) = "pkgsvrhost" or instr("_o_") > 0 then
        'Skipping known admin share
            For each Item in arrUnApprovedLines
            If Lcase(Item) = Lcase(strCurrentShares) Then
                StrNonUnapprovedShares = (StrNonUnapprovedShares & strCurrentShares & vbCrLf)
            End If

    End If

I inserted an "or instr("_O _")" after the "pkgsvrhost" on the 5th line, but it errored with the error --type mismatch" '[string: "_O _"]--

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Try this:

Or Instr(, "_O_") > 0
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Beware that this will evaluate to True if the name has _O_ anywhere in it, though. To check if the name starts with _O_ use the condition Left(objitem.Name, 3) = "_O_". – Ansgar Wiechers Nov 15 '13 at 21:20

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