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I am trying to create a audio tag in javascript.

I have the following

  this.audioElement = createElement('audio', {className:'audio', src:'test.mp3', type:'audio/mpeg'});

The audio tag I want to appear in html

<audio controls src='test.mp3' type='audio/mpeg'></audio>

I am not sure how to create controls attribute in js. Can anyone help me about it? Thanks!

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controls : true? – David Thomas Nov 15 '13 at 19:46

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got it now.

 this.audioElement = createElement('audio', {className:'audio-asset', src:'test.mp3'});
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The answers above didn't seem to work for me. Here's what I did:

var audioElement;
audioElement = document.createElement('audio');
audioElement.setAttribute('controls', true);
audioElement.setAttribute('class', 'audio');
audioElement.setAttribute('src', 'test.mp3');
audioElement.setAttribute('type', 'audio/mpeg');

then appended audioElement to the body :

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For that to work you would need a helper function createElement that works somewhat like this:

var createElement = function(type, props) {
    var $e = document.createElement(type);

    for (var prop in props) {
        $e.setAttribute(prop, props[prop]);

    return $e;

Now you can do:

this.audioElement = createElement('audio', {className:'audio', src:'test.mp3', type:'audio/mpeg', controls: true});
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var audioElement = document.createElement('audio');

//your own code for setting the attributes you have already set


for boolean attributes like multiple and disabled just set them to true.

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I'm familiar with doing this with jQuery. I wouldn't know exactly how to do it without jQuery.

var $el = $('<audio>', {
    class: 'audio',
    src: 'test.mp3',
    type: 'audio/mpeg',
    controls: 'controls goes here'
var html = $el[0].outerHTML;
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I need to have controls attribute. your codes don't have it. +1 though. – FlyingCat Nov 15 '13 at 19:49
This is jQuery.. do you have an answer with plain JavaScript? – putvande Nov 15 '13 at 19:49

Enable controls


<button onclick="enableControls()" type="button">Enable controls</button>
<button onclick="disableControls()" type="button">Disable controls</button>
<button onclick="checkControls()" type="button">Check controls status</button>


function enableControls()
function disableControls()
function checkControls()
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Not sure what this has to do with the question. – putvande Nov 15 '13 at 19:52
@putvande what with the downvote? Op is asking "I am not sure how to create controls attribute in js. Can anyone help me about it? Thanks! " – Nov 15 '13 at 19:53
Controls attribute is an attribute you add to the tag <audio>, so something like <audio controls="controls">. – putvande Nov 15 '13 at 20:00

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