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I'm using Cloud Endpoints to retrieve data from appengine to android. Using the generated library I retrieve a list of objects. This appears to work fine, and if I log the object I see the json. However if I use a getX() on the object I get a NPE. Java GAE 1.8.7. Doing this in an AsycTask in activity.

        Builder builder = new Builder(AndroidHttp.newCompatibleTransport(),
                new GsonFactory(), null);
        MyObjectOperations service =;
        MyObjectCollection tmp = null;

        GetMyObjects it = service.getMyObjects();
        tmp = it.execute();
        listOfMyObjects = tmp.getItems();

        MyObject test=listOfMyObjects.get(0);
        test.getMyField();     //NPE here - on every field

What could cause this?? The listOfMyObjects is the correct size. I have used this client lib before and it worked. Now it is an updated version. Any help would be great!

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If your listOfMyObjects is not an instance of ArrayList<> or some other Iterable, the get(0) will return null, as the list isn't indexed. So, even if the list has n items, it doesn't have a specific nth item, as they're not ordered.

Create an ArrayList like this:

listOfMyObjects = new ArrayList<myObject>(tmp.getItems());

Then get(0) should work.

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