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I have a line in XML that contains % sign. but NSXMLParser changes it too some sort of numbers, as below

2013-11-16 01:08:07.102 ECP[46386:a0b] string is Increased Discount to 45% from Sun City Tours
2013-11-16 01:08:07.102 ECP[46386:a0b] Deals CURRENT IS Increased Discount to 45 0.000000rom Sun City Tours

My Code in FoundCharacter Method is,

  NSLog(@"string is %@", string);

    if([string length]>0)
        [currentStringValue appendFormat:string];

    NSLog(@"Deals CURRENT IS %@", currentStringValue);
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Use appendString:, not appendFormat:.

appendFormat: treats "% f" inside the string as a format specification and therefore substitutes it with a floating point number. (And since no corresponding argument is passed to appendFormat:, you have undefined behavior and your program might crash as well.)

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