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I seem to be getting breakpoints from other programmers when checking out code...

Where is the list of breakpoints saved by Visual Studio? In the vbproj file? vbproj.user file? documents and settings? are they meant to be specific to the solution, the project, the user, the computer they are set on?


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related: you can import/export breakpoints in case you have a workflow requiring that. – mbx May 30 '15 at 13:59
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They are saved in the <solutionname>.suo file. SUO stands for Solution User Options, and should not be added to source control.

No .vbproj.user files should be in source control either!

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And neither do .ncb files. – shoosh Oct 14 '08 at 6:02

Since Visual Studio 2015 CTP solution and project related files are stored in the .vs directory. The path to the suo file is .vs\<SolutionName>\v14\.suo for Visual Studio 2015.

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