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I'm trying to do remote debugging on a service using Visual Studio 2010. The service is written in native C++ (no managed code). Both local and remote machines are running Windows 7 Pro, 64 bit.

The service itself is a 32 bit app.

If I remotely attach to the process then I only see these modules in the modules list: ntdll.dll, wow64.dll, wow64win.dll, wow64cpu.dll

If I run the service on my local machine and attach to it then all of the modules show up in the module list (45 of them). The most notable missing module is, of course, the .exe itself.

If I remote debug to the same remote server using a different app, things work fine.

I've tried building the service as a release build with debug data and as a debug build, but get the same results for both.

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I finally got the service to build as a 64 bit app and when I remote debug to it, everything works correctly.

So, at least based on this, looks like the remote debugging has 32/64 bit issues (?).

In my case, since everywhere we need to run this service is on a 64 bit machine, it's not a problem to run as 64 bit, so I'm done...

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