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New to Java and SHA2 encrypting. I'm trying to obtain the correct resulting 128 digit hex number of a SHA-512 hashing of two strings in such a way that I obtain the full 128 hex code. The purpose is to further use the full 128 digit hex for further application, but having trouble getting the correct result.

Method of hash:

STRING1 = "[NONCE]:[(16 digit hex code)]:[NONCE]"
STRING2 = "[NONCE]:[(16 digit hex code)]:[NONCE]"

Example - If I use:

STRING1 = "830:c187e23144f9f6fe:830"
STRING2 = "830:8b905b04fd22d01a:830"

I want to hash STRING1 with STRING2 in such a way that I get a specific result. It's not as simple as:

    echo hash_hmac('sha516', '830:c187e23144f9f6fe:830', '830:8b905b04fd22d01a:830');

The first 30 digits of the resulting SHA-512 hash will be: 3B573EAB367A0F9096BB98C7E28240, but I need the full hex. These first 30 digits are obtained through hand calculations and converting.

Any hints or complete coding work up is appreciated. I'll post any results I find if I obtain the right method.

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Try 'sha512' instead of 'sha516'. –  Elliott Frisch Nov 16 '13 at 0:54
What does being new to Java have to do with a PHP question? –  Barmar Nov 16 '13 at 0:58
1. You've hand-calculated a SHA2 hash? Really? You've done this rigorous process, but can't figure out how to plug your values into a function? 2. I'm pretty sure that that's not the proper use of hash_hmac(). 3. You should probably be using hash(). –  Sammitch Nov 16 '13 at 1:22
It's not possible to calculate a partial SHA2 hash without having all the data in place to calculate the rest. There is something you're either not understanding properly, or not telling us, here. –  duskwuff Nov 16 '13 at 2:45

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