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So I would like to change the class name of a jQuery object.

This is what I have:

var container = $('#container');

Then in the following function I would like to change the classname to newstate

function setstate(newstate) {
    state = newstate;
    //change container.classname to setstate
    currentsate = state;

I have looked up how to do this and tried the toggleClass and removeClass then addClass methods but neither seem to be working.

Also, in this function I need to get the position right, will these lines work?

function init() {
    var temp = container.offset();
    xoffset = temp.left;
    yoffset = temp.top;
    fontsize = container.offsetHeight / 1.5;
    linewidth = container.offsetHeight / 19;


Thank you.

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Have you checked the jQuery API documentation? – Pointy Nov 16 '13 at 1:06
A duplicate here – Edper Nov 16 '13 at 1:08
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How about something like this?

var container = $('#container');

function changeClass(newClass){



This example will erase the existing classes...if you want to add a class use container.addClass(newClass);

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you need to do this:


check this fiddle http://jsfiddle.net/victorrseloy/8cfu6/ to see an example

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