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I have a svn repository. I have now created a branch for this repository to do some major dev work. Now some of the features that I can created in my project can be committed directly to the main repository instead of the branch. Is there a way to do commit those changes without having me to switch the branch again?


I am using TortoiseSVN and was hoping to use that to re-integrate the branch back into the root.

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You'll have to switch back to trunk, or checkout a new working copy. You can have 2 or more working copies based on different URLs/branches.

Then use reintegrate merge if you want to close the branch (useful for a feature branch when the feature is done), or normal merge if you want to continue development on the branch.

See merging with TortoiseSvn

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Sounds like maybe svn merge --reintegrate is what you're looking for?


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I am using tortoiseSVN (I updated my post). Can I use that somehow to re-integrate? –  vikasde Jan 4 '10 at 19:11

You needs to re-integrate the branch with the trunk (root).

Check on this link on section Reintegrate a branch of the Tortoise SVN online help.

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