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I just installed the cloud foundry plugin with the compile directive as detailed in the documentation. Also, as detailed in the documentation, I put in my username, and password in the ~/.grails/settings.groovy file. For good measure, I also exited out of the terminal and restarted that (and then the machine). However I get the following error when I type in grails cf-info It gives me the following :

|java.lang.NullPointerException at org.cloudfoundry.client.lib.CloudFoundryClient.login(CloudFoundryClient.java:211) at ClientWrapper.methodMissing(_CfCommon_groovy:536) at _CfCommon_groovy$_run_closure5.doCall(_CfCommon_groovy:110) at org.codehaus.gant.GantMetaClass.invokeMethod(GantMetaClass.java:133) at CfInfo$_run_closure1.doCall(CfInfo:33)

As an FYI: I have the following in my BuildConfig.groovy :

`compile ':cloud-foundry:1.2.3'  
 compile ':webxml:1.4.1'`

And my grails version is 2.3.1

Thanks a million for the help!

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The Cloud Foundry Grails plugin has not been updated for CF v2 yet. You should use the "cf" CLI for pushing Grails apps.

See http://docs.cloudfoundry.com/docs/using/managing-apps/cf/index.html and http://docs.cloudfoundry.com/docs/using/deploying-apps/jvm/index.html.

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