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I checked out an existing eclipse project from SVN. Then I converted it to Maven project. The project is compile with Maven target clean install perfectly no problem. But the eclipse doesn't identify any dependency jar file. Basically it does not know the Maven repo path. It knows only JDK path. So all my java classes are with full of red lines.

Everything in this site and google I checked all fine. But why eclipse can not find the mvn repo? eclipse version = JUNO Version: 4.2.2. ( I think this has inbuilt maven plugin) Maven plugin detail = M2E - Maven Integration for Eclipse version - 1.4.0, Provider - Eclipse.org -m2e

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UPDATE ======================

If I checkout the source code separately and import it as a maven project that way its working. But I want to know why if I checkout the code through Subclipse and convert it to maven project is not working?

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# use maven to control your eclipse .project and .classpath files, that is
mvn eclipse:clean
mvn eclipse:eclipse

and then restart your eclipse (or switch your workspace and then back).

Make sure you have the m2e plugin, - from here, you should read the Release Notes and add this to your update sites - "http://download.eclipse.org/releases/juno" and "http://download.eclipse.org/technology/m2e/releases".

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From which location I should trigger these commands? Goto Workspace>project location or.. –  user2771655 Nov 16 '13 at 6:24
From wherever the mvn clean install works - e.g. where your pom.xml is. –  Elliott Frisch Nov 16 '13 at 6:25
Still same. both command success but when I open eclipse still I do not see repo in build path window also code is giving errors. –  user2771655 Nov 18 '13 at 1:35
@user2771655 Added info about m2e plugin to my answer. That really is all you need to do. –  Elliott Frisch Nov 18 '13 at 1:42
Ok, Why it works when I import the project as a maven project? –  user2771655 Nov 18 '13 at 1:53

In Eclipse, you can actually create an external tool Run> External Tools> External Tools Configurations. After this you can select your project that you want to setup and run this external tool.


or if you have maven plugin installed in eclipse, select your project right click Run As > Maven Build... (see below image). In Goals put "eclipse:eclipse" and click Run

enter image description here

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I'm sorry but this way did not help. Still I see errors. –  user2771655 Nov 18 '13 at 1:37
can you please post the error trail that you are getting.. Its fairly straight forward to setup eclipse project using this. –  Nitin Dandriyal Nov 18 '13 at 4:39
Basically the problem is Java build path does not know the Dependent jars(maven local repo). So my code has errors. But I can build it without any problem. If you see my screen grab you can understand. –  user2771655 Nov 18 '13 at 4:53
did eclipse:eclipse run without errors? –  Nitin Dandriyal Nov 18 '13 at 4:59
yes. It ran without errors. –  user2771655 Nov 18 '13 at 5:56

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