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I've hit the inevitable state where I have to do a diff on the code within two versions of a SSIS package.

What have you used successfully other than what I'm going to do now by opening up 2 instances of VS and go over it box by box and variable by variable?

Note: The things that are important to compare in my case are:

  1. Variables
  2. Code in Execute SQL Tasks
  3. Order of Tasks
  4. Data Flows
  5. Order of data flow components
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Try BIDS Helper. It prepares both versions by normalizing whitespace and splitting long lines before making the comparison. Most changes can be easily recognized.

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I use Notepad++ to compare dtsx (xml) files. Some times even write some code to extract components for example to extract all SQL stored in a large SSIS package with dozens of ExecuteSQL tasks.

UPDATE: Just found this Bi xPress. Here is a video explaining how it works

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This works and is actually part of my routine. I was looking for something like the apex tool that Randy mentioned. – CTKeane Jan 12 '10 at 20:11

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