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I want to reflect to determine whether or not a Go interface contains certain method signatures. I've dynamically got the names and signatures, previously through reflection on a struct. Here's a simplified example:

package main

import "reflect"

func main() {
    type Mover interface {
        TurnLeft() bool
        // TurnRight is missing.

    // How would I check whether TurnRight() bool is specified in Mover?
    reflect.TypeOf(Mover).MethodByName("TurnRight") // would suffice, but
    // fails because you can't instantiate an interface

http://play.golang.org/p/Uaidml8KMV. Thanks for your help!

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You can create a reflect.Type for a type with this trick:

tp := reflect.TypeOf((*Mover)(nil)).Elem()

That is, create a typed nil pointer and then get the type of what it points at.

A simple way to determine if a reflect.Type implements a particular method signature is to use its Implements method with an appropriate interface type. Something like this should do:

type TurnRighter interface {
    TurnRight() bool
TurnRighterType := reflect.TypeOf((*TurnRighter)(nil)).Elem()
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Thanks, that's pretty crafty. –  ash Nov 16 '13 at 22:55

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