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Possible Duplicate:
Trouble with jquery lavalamp

For some reason my background color shoots back to the leftmost link no matter what link I click on. Anyone know how to get it to stay on the clicked link?


#lamp {
margin:25px 0px 0px 90px;
clear: both;

.lavaLamp {
position: relative;
height: 29px; width: 400px;
background: #000000 no-repeat top;
padding: 15px; margin: 10px 0;
overflow: hidden;
    /* Force the list to flow horizontally */
    .lavaLamp li {
        float: left;
        list-style: none;
        /* Represents the background of the highlighted menu-item. */
        .lavaLamp li.back {
            background:  no-repeat right -30px;
            width: 9px; height: 30px;
            z-index: 8;
            position: absolute;
            .lavaLamp li.back .left {
                background: #BD5108 no-repeat top left;
                height: 30px;
                margin-right: 9px;
        /* Styles for each menu-item. */
        .lavaLamp li a {
            position: relative; overflow: hidden;
            text-decoration: none;
            text-transform: uppercase;
            font: bold 14px arial;
            color: #fff; outline: none;
            text-align: center;
            height: 30px; top: 7px;
            z-index: 10; letter-spacing: 0;
            float: left; display: block;
            margin: auto 10px;


<script type="text/javascript">
$(function() { $(".lavaLamp").lavaLamp({ fx: "backout", speed: 700 })});


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Don't ask the same question twice in one day: #1997544 – Sampson Jan 4 '10 at 19:37
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Each of your pages has the home page link set as class='current' If you want to have each page have it's menu entry highlighted then you need to either:

A) Update your WordPress code so different pages generate different navigation links (in other words, so that each page has its menu entry <li> set to class='current')

An example: On your home page you have:

<li class='current'><a href='#'>Home</a></li>
<li><a href='#'>Menu</a></li> ... etc.

Your menu page code needs to look like this:

<li><a href='#'>Home</a></li>
<li class='current'><a href='#'>Menu</a></li> ... etc.

Looking at the Wordpress Documentation it looks like your best be to make use of WordPress' built-in Conditional Tag functionality.

This is what Doug Neiner was trying to suggest you do.

B) Use javascript to check the url of the page and then update your navigation links based on the URL.

A is far more robust than B, and is therefore the option that I would recommend.

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Not sure what you mean with choice a, I am pretty new to this. – Davey Jan 4 '10 at 19:54
Do you have access to the WordPress template that you are using? – Sean Vieira Jan 4 '10 at 19:55
I do. If you are saying change all the classes for all <li> in the menu to current I tried that and it did not work. – Davey Jan 4 '10 at 19:57
Davey, you can't change them all to class='current' because if you do that, lavalamp defaults to selecting the first element in your <ul>. What you need to do is write out a different menu for each of your pages. – Sean Vieira Jan 4 '10 at 20:02
What is a good way to approach this when everything is static except the content box? The menu list is in my page.php – Davey Jan 4 '10 at 20:04

You'll need some way to tell the lavalamp what link to set the currently selected item to.

The example code has href="#" so it's probably keeping it's state in some javascript object when clicked. When you click one of your links the previous pages state is gone.

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