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I am creating asp.net regex validator that should validate mobile number with country code.
Number can be like: +41 44 221 21 20 or 0041 44 221 21 20 or same without spaces.
I have tried something but it doesn't work:


How to make regex for this validation?

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I would not use a (single) regular expression for this. The amount of different valid phone numbers is quite .. ridiculous. Anyway, if I wanted to verify that a country code was possibly valid, I would extract the first numbers (e.g. as a simple \d) and then compare it against a list of valid codes. And then, after that, possibly apply one of the many heuristics to determine if the remainder of the number "might be valid" .. or just say, "all numbers, dashes, or spaces = Ok". –  user2864740 Nov 16 '13 at 8:25
@user2864740 Should be posted as an answer, I beleive. –  Vladislav Rastrusny Nov 16 '13 at 8:32

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Assuming that your list of country codes is correct, the following should work:


Matches can start with + or 00, followed by a country code, followed by a sequence of 9 numbers which can be divided by spaces.

Note: If you are trying to match these numbers inside a longer string, remove the ^ and $ from the ends of the regex.

Working on RegexPal

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