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I'd like to integrate a custom file type into visual studio, I was thinking like .masm does through the 'Build Customization' menu. I've looked over the masm.targets, .xml, and .props files, as well as read everything I can about MSBuild (both the official docs and various MS blogs). But try as I might I've had no luck.

Has anyone on here had any experience with that? Any tutorials that might explain things in detail? The best I've come across with my google attempts have been a few MS blog posts, but none address many of the issues I'm having. My custom file type does not show up as an option for Item Type under a files properties. A number of the xml elements in the masm files aren't even listed anywhere in the documention. I've tried pulling things out and putting things in 1/2 dozen different ways and have had no success.

I'd like to be able to add a custom task to VS, bind it to a file extension, and have a custom property window so I can set the properties of the file. Any ideas?

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