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I have this code that sends a text message to your mobile phone...

$text = fopen("../data/textmembers/registry.txt","r") or die("couldent open file");

while (!feof($text)) {
$name = fgets($text);
$number = fgets($text);
$carrier = fgets($text);
$date = fgets($text);
$line = fgets($text);

$content = $_POST['message']; 

$message .= $content; 
$message .= "\n";
$number = trim($number);

mail($number . "", "SGA Event Alert", $message, "SGA"); 
Header("Location: mailconf.php");

everything works fine.. Here is my question, if you look at where I have "" as you may or may not know, each carrier has its own extension, verizon is, at&t is I need to take the feed from "$carrier" decide what carrier it is, and then assign the extension to it... I thought an ifelse would work, but I am not good with if statements... the user's choices are

Verizon = AT&T = T-mobile = Nextel =

thanks guys!!

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If you're not good with if statements, you really need to learn them. Here's an overview: It's an absolute basic of programming. – Kaleb Brasee Jan 4 '10 at 20:11
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$carriers = array(
  "verizon"  => "",
  "at&t"     => "",
  "t-mobile" => "",
  "nextel"   => ""

Then, you get that value by looking up the key:

print $carriers[strtolower($carrier)];

If $carrier is "Nextel," "" will be returned.

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thanks! but I get an error of "cannot find index" – Ryan Jan 4 '10 at 22:58

Probably better than using an if statement would be using a switch statement.

Have a look at the section of the PHP manual that deals with the switch statement.

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