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I am submitting a serial PBS job in which I have a python program call.py calling a fortran program calc.f90. Each program has its own print to screen statements, which I see on my screen when I run the program locally. But when I qsub the program, only the fortran print statements end up in my stdout file, and the python print statements are no where to be seen, not even after I end the job. No error appears in my stderr file.

Im stumped. The only clue I have is that when I make a toy program with a python wrapper that prints a statement, then calls a fortran program that prints the same statement, I get the following:

Executed locally, I see on my screen: 'hello from python' 'hello from fortran'

Executed through qsub, I see in my stdout file: 'hello from fortran' 'hello from python'

Where are my python print statements from call.py?

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