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I've set up a basic Netty 4 Server by the simple example Echo. Now i'm sending some data to the Server on a blocking way:


what works great but receiving data from the Server with:


wont show up any data receiving, just blocking. It's like the server isn't responding, but it does.


For our suppose the clients should always work in blockingIO way. It would be great if u could help me out with this.

Got It

After added StringDecoder() & StringEncoder() (using Json) to Pipeline - it works great.

.childHandler(new ChannelInitializer<SocketChannel>() {
            public void initChannel(SocketChannel ch) throws Exception {ObjectDecoder(ClassResolvers.cacheDisabled(null)),
                ch.pipeline().addLast("decoder", new StringDecoder());
                ch.pipeline().addLast("encoder", new StringEncoder());
                ch.pipeline().addLast("handler", new NettyServerHandler());
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Did you add any log to make sure the server receives the data sent by the client? –  Salil Nov 17 '13 at 4:49
I did. It sysout the object before writeAndFlush() is called. –  Farasy Nov 17 '13 at 17:33

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