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When trying to compile a Susy/Compass document I'm getting Undefined mixin 'if-rem'.

It's this line that's causing it:

Line 35 of _grid.scss

I'm using:

  • SASS 3.2.12
  • Compass 0.12.2
  • Susy 1.0.9

Thanks :)

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Like the error message says you should define if-rem mixin after before including it in your style. So you have two options:

  • Import _unit.scss into your style. This is the susy partial that contains the if-rem mixin declaration

    // Imports
    @import "compass/utilities/general/clearfix";
    @import "compass/css3/box-sizing";
    // add _unit.scss path here, or elsewhere before the @include
    @import "susy/units";
  • Include the if-rem mixin directly into your code, you should also include the variable or if-rem mixin will return an error:

    // Whether to output fallback values in px when outputting rems.
    $rem-with-px-fallback: true !default;
    // Here is the`if-rem` mixin declaration
    @mixin if-rem($property, $values, $use-px-fallback: $rem-with-px-fallback) {
      $has-rem: false;
      @each $value in $values { $has-rem: if(unit($value) == 'rem', true, $has-rem); }
      @if $has-rem { @include rem($property, $values, $use-px-fallback); }
      @else { #{$property}: $values; }
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