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I'm using the SQLAlchemy ORM to construct the MySQL queries in my application, and am perfectly able to add basic filters to the query, like so:

query = meta.Session.query(User).filter(User.user_id==1)

Which gives me something basically equivalent to this:

SELECT * FROM users WHERE user_id = 1

My question is how I would integrate some basic MySQL math functions into my query. So, say for instance I wanted to get users near a certain latitude and longitude. So I need to generate this SQL ($mylatitude and $mylongitude are the static latitude and longitude I'm comparing against):

SELECT * FROM users 
WHERE SQRT(POW(69.1 * (latitude - $mylatitude),2) + POW(53.0 * (longitude - $mylongitude),2)) < 5

Is there a way I can incorporate these functions into a query using the SQLAlchemy ORM?

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I'd use the query builder interface and the func SQL function constructor to abstract the calculation as a function. This way you can use it freely with aliases or joins.

User.coords = classmethod(lambda s: (s.latitude, s.longitude))

def calc_distance(latlong1, latlong2):
    return func.sqrt(func.pow(69.1 * (latlong1[0] - latlong2[0]),2)
                   + func.pow(53.0 * (latlong1[1] - latlong2[1]),2))

meta.Session.query(User).filter(calc_distance(User.coords(), (my_lat, my_long)) < 5)
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You can use literal SQL in your filter, see here: http://www.sqlalchemy.org/docs/05/ormtutorial.html?highlight=text#using-literal-sql

For example:

clause = "SQRT(POW(69.1 * (latitude - :lat),2) + POW(53.0 * (longitude - :long),2)) < 5"
query = meta.Session.query(User).filter(clause).params(lat=my_latitude, long=my_longitude)
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This is just what I'm looking for. One question though: if I'm joining in a bunch of other tables, how would I ensure that latitude matched up with User.latitude and not some other latitude field? Since my User object might link to a table called xx_users_1 in the actual query, is there a way to put in the table name xx_users_1.latitude? –  Travis Jan 4 '10 at 21:59
You can try to force the table name to a particular value by using sqlalchemy.orm.aliased (perhaps something like query(aliased(User, 'xx_users')). I've never used it though. –  Antoine P. Jan 5 '10 at 11:43

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