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I want to create a restful API with Node.js, Express, MongoDB and Mongoose.

Schema, model and route are below:

// Schema
var OperatorSchema = new Schema({
    name : { type: String, unique: true , required: true},
    short_name : { type: String, unique:true, required: true },
Operator = mongoose.model('Operator', OperatorSchema);

// My Api for Operator'/api/operators', common.createOperator);
exports.createOperator = function(req, res){
    Operator.create(req.body, function (err, operator) {
        // If failed, return error message
        if (err) {
            res.send(404, err)
        else {

I have three questions:

1 - Handling error like that I found that the err object passed to the callback has a different structure depending if the error comes from mongoose or mongo.

// Mongo Error:
    "name": "MongoError",
    "err": "E11000 duplicate key error index: ussdauto.operators.$name_1  dup key: { : \"OpTest\" }",
    "code": 11000,
    "n": 0,
    "connectionId": 231,
    "ok": 1

// Mongoose Error:
    "message": "Validation failed",
    "name": "ValidationError",
    "errors": {
    "short_name": {
        "message": "Path `short_name` is required.",
        "name": "ValidatorError",
        "path": "short_name",
        "type": "required"

I don't want to expose all the details about errors: only a message explaining the error is enough, no need for to know if it's a mongoerror or a validationError for example. How do you manage it?

2 - The second question is more global: I'll have multiple API and each time I'll need to do the same work: check if there is errors, if some return via API in JSON the error message and if not continue normally. How can I use only one function to process errors and use it everywhere?

3 - I came from a python world (Django in fact) where Tastypie was a really great module which was handling all of that stuff itself. Do you know if such a module exists for Node.js + Express?

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It works much better if you only ask one question per post. – JohnnyHK Nov 17 '13 at 16:58

You can create a Utils module with a function called processMongooseError(err) (or really w/e you fancy). You can then do a simple check in the function to figure out what type of error it is and then return a simple error message. I included an example of what I'm talking about below.

module.exports.processMongooseError = function(err) {
    if( == "MongoError") {
        // mongo db error

    } else if( == "ValidationError") {
        // mongoose error


This module can be required wherever you need it and should solve your second question.

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"short_name": {
        "message": "Path `short_name` is required.",

This error is because, in your schema this field is required

var OperatorSchema = new Schema({
    name : { type: String, unique: true , required: true},
    short_name : { type: String, unique:true, required: true },

while you are not giving any input via form or postman app.. you cannot leave required field blank.

I dont know anything that tell you what module causing error but you can definitely guess just by looking at error.

"name": "MongoError",
    "err": "E11000 duplicate key error

This error is because you defined name as unique, but trying to inserting the same again.

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In case this is still an issue, I faced the same problem, and used this mongoose plugin to have error messages be more consistent.

The plugin will take mongodb errors and convert them to mongoose like errors.

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