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I'm making the jump from Java to Objective-C. I'm wondering if there is a concept analogous to Java's enums, that supports implementations of methods. I realize Objective-C has plain old C enumerations, but those are really just ints.

I'm looking to prevent switch-yards -- Java enums would be perfect.

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Objective-C is just C with some additional markup for objects, no new types have been added.

That means, no.

For mutual exclusive flags, Apple uses strings.


extern NSString * const kNSSomeFlag;
extern NSString * const kNSOtherFlag;
extern NSString * const kNSThirdFlag ;


NSString * const kNSSomeFlag = @"kNSSomeFlag";
NSString * const kNSOtherFlag = @"kNSOtherFlag";
NSString * const kNSThirdFlag = @"kNSThirdFlag";


void myFunction(NSString *flag)
    if (flag == kNSSomeFlag) {
        // the code

An example of this can be found in the NSDistributedNotificationCenter.

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