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I'm having enormous troubles with the eBay API.

Firstly the .NET SDK seemed to cause my application to restart after every call, so I have abandoned that and am now writing my own using the API as a Web Service through Visual Studio.

This seems to be working, I have built classes to create my credentials headers and a flexible function call, but, when I use the AddItem call, I am not getting the ItemId in the response.

However - it is listing it - I get the emails from eBay saying the item has been listed (Sandbox mode BTW)

I hate posting too much code, it's tedious for you all to read through, but for the sake of completeness I will.

Here is my Credentials class which sets up an object which can simply be added to the calls: (simplified slightly)

Public Class eBayCredentials

Property DeveloperId As String = ""
Property ApplicationId As String = ""
Property CertificateId As String = ""
Property Token As String = ""
Property apiUrl As String = ""
Property eBaySiteId As Integer
Property Version As Integer = 768

Sub New(Optional ProductionMode As Boolean = True, Optional SiteID As Integer = 3) ' UK

    ' Note; the UserPermissionToken is to be obtained by all sellers and store in the database
    Dim UserPermissionToken = "USER_TOKEN"

    Dim ServerUrl As String = ""
    ' These keys pertain to Developer Account and are fixed.
    ' Pass in a True/False to toggle Production/Sandbox Mode.
    DeveloperId = "Dev_Id"
    ApplicationId = "App id"
    CertificateId = "Cert_Id"
    apiUrl = "https://api.sandbox.ebay.com/wsapi"

    eBaySiteId = SiteID
    Token = UserPermissionToken

End Sub
End Class 

This next class sets up an instance of an eBayAPIInterfaceCLient and also the Security Headers

Class eBayService
    Property Service As eBayAPIInterfaceClient
    Property Headers As CustomSecurityHeaderType
    Property Version As Integer
    Sub New(callName As String, isProduction As Boolean)

        Dim e_cred As New eBayCredentials(isProduction)
        Version = e_cred.Version

        Dim signinURL As String = e_cred.apiUrl
        Dim siteID As Integer = e_cred.eBaySiteId
        Dim appID As String = e_cred.ApplicationId
        Dim eBayToken As String = e_cred.Token
        Dim endpointURL As String = signinURL & "?callname=" & callName & "&siteid=" & siteID & "&appid=" & appID & "&version=" & Version & "&routing=default"

        Service = New eBayAPIInterfaceClient("eBayAPI", endpointURL)
        Dim address As New EndpointAddress(endpointURL)
        Service.Endpoint.Address = address

        Dim cred As New CustomSecurityHeaderType() With {
            .eBayAuthToken = e_cred.Token,
            .Credentials = New eBay.UserIdPasswordType With {
                .AppId = e_cred.ApplicationId,
                .AuthCert = e_cred.CertificateId,
                .DevId = e_cred.DeveloperId
        Headers = cred

    End Sub
End Class

I also have an eBayItem.Build Function which creates an eBay ItemType with all the correct information, Title, Description, Postage Options etc etc. I won't post that here, but trust it works.

So to call the Add Item Function, I run this code:

Sub AddItem()
    Dim ServiceInterface As New eBayService("AddItem", False)

    Dim svc As eBayAPIInterfaceClient = ServiceInterface.Service

    Dim Item As ItemType = eBayItem.Build(** INSERT PARAMETERS TO BUILD ITEM **)

    Dim request As New AddItemRequestType With {
        .Version = ServiceInterface.Version,
        .Item = Item,
        .WarningLevel = WarningLevelCodeType.High,
        .WarningLevelSpecified = True

    Dim res As AddItemResponseType = svc.AddItem(ServiceInterface.Headers, request)
    If res.Ack = AckCodeType.Failure Then
        Response.Write("Ack: " + res.Ack.ToString() & "<P>")
        For Each e In res.Errors
            Response.Write("Error: " & e.LongMessage.Replace("<", "").Replace(">", "") & "<br>")
            Response.Write("Ack: " + res.Ack.ToString() & "<P>")
            Response.Write("Item ID: " & res.ItemID & "<P>")
            If res.Ack <> AckCodeType.Success Then
                For Each e In res.Errors
                    Response.Write("Error: " & e.LongMessage.Replace("<", "").Replace(">", "") & "<br>")
            End If
        Catch ex As Exception
            Response.Write("<P>" & ex.ToString() & "<P>")
        End Try
    End If
End Sub

Obviously this is running as test code, I'm writing all my responses and errors out to the document calling these functions, in production this is intended to simply return the ItemId and the fee objects.

This code is working... Except

  1. Response.Write("Item ID: " & res.ItemID & "< P>") is an empty string, no errors, just an empty string
  2. I am repeatedly getting the warning "The email address you entered isn't linked to a PayPal account. If you don't have a PayPal account, you'll need to set one up with this address so that buyers can pay you. (You can set up your account after your item sells)" although the email address I am posting IS linked to a Paypal account, and besides, this warning should not stop me getting the ItemId AND it is listing, as mentioend above, I recieve the confirmation emails and the item is listed on the Sandbox site, eg: Successful test Item

Been tearing my hair out for days over this damn eBay API and now it seems I am getting somewhere, but it still isn't doing as it should!

Any help greatly appreciated! :-)

EDIT - Update

I found some information on Google suggesting I needed to link a PayPal account to my SandBox user, so I have created a SandBox PayPal account and successfully linked it to my test user account. This is confirmed in the eBay My eBay section under PayPal accounts, stating "Your eBay account is linked with your Paypal account:"

Further Edit

The relevant part of the response I am getting looks like this:

    ExpressListing: False,
ExpressListingSpecified: False,
Timestamp: 2013-11-17T12:38:45.754Z,
TimestampSpecified: True,
Ack: Warning,
AckSpecified: True,
        ShortMessage: Invalid PayPal email address.,
        LongMessage: "The email address you entered isn't linked to a PayPal account. If you don't have a PayPal account,
         you'll need to set one up with this address so that buyers can pay you. (You can set up your account after your item sells).",
        ErrorCode: 21919158,
        UserDisplayHint: False,
        UserDisplayHintSpecified: False,
        SeverityCode: Warning,
        SeverityCodeSpecified: True,
        ErrorClassification: RequestError,
        ErrorClassificationSpecified: True
Version: 847,
Build: E847_UNI_API5_16489599_R1


This Paypal issue is now resolved, I guess I didn't wait long enough for eBay to update stuff.

HOWEVER... I still don't get the ItemId

Just this:

StartTime: 0001-01-01,
StartTimeSpecified: False,
EndTime: 0001-01-01,
EndTimeSpecified: False,
Timestamp: 2013-11-17T17:24:02.826Z,
TimestampSpecified: True,
Ack: Success,
AckSpecified: True,
Version: 847,
Build: E847_UNI_API5_16489599_R1,
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