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I'm trying to define a bean for class that will handle connections to mongodb beans definition

beans = {
        mongoClient = ref("mongo_client")
        dbName = "myDb"

    mongo_client(MongoClient, "localhost", 27017)


class DbConnImpl {
    MongoClient mongoClient
    String dbName

    public DB getDB(){
        return mongoClient.getDB(dbName)

    void setMongoClient(MongoClient mongoClient) {
        this.mongoClient = mongoClient

    void setDbName(String dbName) {
        this.dbName = dbName

and the usage:

class UserController {
    DbConnImpl dbConn

    def index() {
        DB db = dbConn.getDB()

        def colls = db.getCollectionNames()
        render colls

error: NullPointerException : Cannot invoke method getDB() on null object

Can someone please advise? Thanks! Roy

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The name of your bean is dbCon so you need the same name in the controller:

class UserController {
    DbConnImpl dbCon
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if i could five myself -1 for this question...i would /-:. didn't see the typo – royB Nov 17 '13 at 5:17
It happens dude :-) – Sérgio Michels Nov 17 '13 at 15:51

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