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I have developed an IOS app based on VOIP by registering it for 10 minutes.App is running fine on ios6, but not on ios7. Can anyone clarify below points for me?

1.After pressing iPhone's Home button, app in foreground will enter into background by calling applicationDidEnterBackground: in AppDelegate. After 10 minutes VOIP will hit since i have set VOIP time to 10 minutes.I want to know, what will be the state of the app when VOIP is hit again after 10 minutes (Suspended state or background state)? Whether state of the app changes from suspended to active when VOIP hits?

2.I ran following piece of code both on ios6(iPhone 3S) and ios7(iPhone 4S)

NSLog(@"Background time Remaining: %f",[[UIApplication sharedApplication] backgroundTimeRemaining]);

For ios6 it showed approximately 9 minutes(in terms of seconds) For ios7 it showed approximately 3 minutes(in terms of seconds) I want to know, whether apple has reduced backgroundTimeRemaining for an app from ios6 to ios7.

3.Can i manually validate and invalidate backgroundtask after specified time interval? (i.e After specific time, inside timeouthandler can i manually invalidate and validate backgroundtask)

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