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I am writing a bit of code that will take a CSV file input and perform an operation based on its contents. In the admin panel I am designing, the admin should be able to select a CSV file on their local system which my application will then read. The application does not need to store the CSV file, just read from it for a one-time operation.

Any ideas on how to best handle this in Pyramid?

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What you want is essentially a file upload, followed by additional processing on the uploaded data. You can create input elements of type "file" in HTML forms to allow uploading of files.

Refer to the cookbook in the Pyramid documentation on file uploads for how to handle the uploaded data on the server side (summarized: use the file-like object request.POST[ field_name ].file).

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Good answer. Also note that it is not possible to access the file system from the browser. –  Antoine Leclair Nov 17 '13 at 15:28
Thanks for the quick reply! Should be all set now. :) –  oddshocks Nov 18 '13 at 17:26

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