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I am using the following commands as part of a cmd file:

sqlmetal /server:localhost\SQLEXPRESS /database:DashBoard /dbml:DataClasses.dbml /namespace:DashBoard.Data
sqlmetal /server:localhost\SQLEXPRESS /database:DashBoard /views /functions /sprocs /code:DataClasses.designer.cs /context:DataClassesDataContext /namespace:DashBoard.Data DataClasses.dbml

Has anyone else had any problems generating the code to use views, functions, or stored procedures using SqlMetal? The files are pointing to table references as expected, but the /views /functions and /sprocs switches seem to have no effect.

I am using SqlMetal 1.00.30729, SQL Server 2005 Express on my local machine, and the web app is ASP.NET 3.5.

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I had to use the following commands instead:

sqlmetal /server:localhost\SQLEXPRESS /database:DashBoard /views /functions /sprocs /dbml:DataClasses.dbml /namespace:DashBoard.Data
sqlmetal /server:localhost\SQLEXPRESS /database:DashBoard /code:DataClasses.designer.cs /context:DataClassesDataContext /namespace:DashBoard.Data DataClasses.dbml
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Why are these separated into different files? I'm new to this stuff... – sooprise Dec 14 '11 at 19:05

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