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I am trying to evaluate this integral, but the minus one at the bottom is causing some errors.

Kb=1.381e-23; %J/k
h=6.626e-34; %J*s
Ts=5760; %k
Tc=300; %k
q=1.60e-19; %J
c=3.0e8; %m/s
theta_s=atan(7e8/1.5e11) %rad
syms E;


Il = int(E^2/((exp(E/Kb/Ts)-1)),E,Eg,Inf)

I get the follow error when I try to run the code.

Error using evalin
Undefined function 'polylog' for input arguments of type 'sym'.

Error in sym/eval (line 11)
s = evalin('caller',vectorize(map2mat(char(x))));

Error in homework3_stackoverflow_help (line 15)

If I have the exp(E/Kb/Ts)-1 at the bottom it will give me error. However when I remove the one. exp(E/Kb/Ts) works just fine. The integral can be found here

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General rule: wolfram alpha is usually your best bet for solving an integral – inquisitiveIdiot Nov 17 '13 at 0:06
this is what wolfram gave me…*b%29%29‌​-1%29%29&random=false what is the Li? – Learning C Nov 17 '13 at 0:11
I'm not sure that integral has a closed form solution. Matlab is just giving you an equivalent version as a limit. Mathematica 9 also refuses to solve it. Removing the -1 is only valid if the other part is significantly larger than one over the entire bounds of the the integral (and yes, in that case there are easy closed form solutions). But why are you trying to solve this symbolically in the first place? And working with small values is not idea either -you might look into scaling the units in your problem. – horchler Nov 17 '13 at 3:13
What do you mean by But why are you trying to solve this symbolically in the first place? I need syms E or else Matlab will give me an error. Or are you asking about the E in the integral? If I replace int(E^2/((exp(E/Kb/Ts)-1)),E,Eg,Inf) with int(E^2/((exp(E/Kb/Ts)-1)),Eg,Inf) I get the same answer. – Learning C Nov 17 '13 at 3:53
Of course you have to define E as symbolic if you're using the symbolic function int. What I mean is why aren't you using numerical quadrature (e.g., quadgk, integral, etc.) as opposed to symbolic math? – horchler Nov 19 '13 at 23:21

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