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I have followed the Play tutorial to create a simple application, made sure it started using the "play" command and then running play eclipse I generated the eclipse project files. I finally imported the project into the latest version of Scala IDE bundle for OSX.

I would like to know if there is a way to run my application from within eclipse without having to use the shell to start play each time.

There is a similar question here, and the accepted answer says that a run configuration will be created in eclipse. In my case I can't see any, so that may have changed from version to version.

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The short answer is no. You need to start the play server from command line if you want to load your application on a browser.

The long answer is that we (I'm a contributor to the Scala IDE project) are starting to work on sbt integration, which is the required building block for not having to run the play console on a terminal (because we can to do it for you in the background, once we have sbt support). My suggestion is to star the project I linked, and follow developments.

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