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I'm using jQuery BlockUI Plugin, and it pops up an image over the homepage. I want to be able to click outside of the image anywhere and be able to close it on smart phones. I set this code, and it only works on Desktop, but NOT on Mobile:

$(document).ready(function() { 
    $('#demo9').click(function() { 
        $('.blockOverlay').attr('title','Click to unblock').click($.unblockUI); 
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Try binding the event with .on() in case there is a timing issue where the overlay does not exist yet:

$(".blockOverlay").on("click", function(){ $.unblockUI });


$(document).on("click", ".blockOverlay", function(){ $.unblockUI });

Also, does it make any difference if you use vclick instead of click?

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Using touchstart with click works on Iphone, Kindle, Ipad

$('.blockOverlay').attr('title','Click to unblock').on('click touchstart',$.unblockUI);

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