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My main task is to compare three textbox values in a Column. I have a devexpress gridview which has textboxes to one of the columns.

I tried using getRowValues method but this method fetches the values that are present on PageLoad(when data is passed from db to grid). Though I change the value in the textbox, it gives the same pageload time's data.

I also tried using textboxClientInstanceID.GetText(). This way, I can get just one of the textBoxes value to which the event is raised.

Im unable to use the jQuery's famous methods like parent(), prev(), next(), find() etc though I get some clue too to continue further.

RightNow Im invoking the client side jquery function onTextChange.

Pls help.

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You should either post relevant part of your code or rewrite your question. Or both. It's just not clear what are yout trying to achieve. –  Filip Nov 18 '13 at 11:56

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