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I installed RadRails as a plugin to eclipse, and I set the interpreter to C:\ruby, the location of my ruby installation. I've also installed RubyGems 1.3.5 via the ruby setup.rb script.

When I run the following, however, I get syntax errors in eclipse, although running works.

test = {
   raw: '1',
   symbols: '2'

p test

Furthermore, when I start eclipse, a prompt asks me to install a number of gems. When I continue, I receive a number of unexpected tCONSTANT, expecting $end errors. Has anyone run into this, and is there a viable solution?

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I still have the issue, and can't find a solution. :( – grilix Aug 23 '12 at 4:13
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Assuming you've installed the latest version of RadRails, it seems as if 1.9 is not yet supported.

The quick and easy solution is to not use Eclipse and RadRails. Personally, the only Windows IDE I've been remotely pleased with is RubyMine. If you're on a Mac, the choice is much simpler: TextMate.

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