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I have a running project with 2 xibs for 2 UIViewControllers (no storyboard). I am looking for the shortest way to add tabs at the bottom of the screen being able to switch between the views via the tabs.



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  1. In your MainWindow add a UITabBarController
  2. In your UITabBarController add UITabBarItems for a UINavigationController
  3. For each of those UINavigationControllers set the RootViewController to be the UIViewControllers that you have already

EDIT: More detailed steps, but not necessarily perfect:

  1. Find out which view is loaded when your app is loaded (depending on your XCode, this may well be MainWindow.xib or its RootViewController)
  2. Edit the thing from #1 (if defined in code, edit in code; if designed through XIB, edit through XIB) so that it is pointing to a UITabBarController (ie mainWindow.rootViewController = tabBarController in code)
  3. Foreach view controller you want to add, add a UINavigationController. If you are using XIB, then just drag new navigation controllers to the tab bar. If you are using code, use tabBarController.viewControllers = @[navController1,navController2,navController3,...]
  4. Foreach of the nav controllers you just created, set its rootViewController to be your ViewController you want to add.
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can you elaborate on which are UI items added via the UI and which are classes need to be added to the project? –  Simon Nov 17 '13 at 11:59

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