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if ($('status_'+id).getText()=="Active")

anybody knows why JS returns false even if the passed string is "Active"? i also tried changing the code to if ($('status_'+id).getText()==String("Active")) or even

if (String($('status_'+id).getText())=="Active")

and still no luck T_T... i've also checked $('status_'+id).getText() through console.log to verify if it really returns "Active"

i wonder why it doesnt work? any ideas?

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Silly question: are you sure the returned string doesn't contain spaces?

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The first step in any debugging task is to check your assumptions. Use a debugger or a series of alerts to check the following:

  • what's the value of id?
  • does$('status_'+id) evaluate to a DOM element?
  • what does $('status_'+id).getText() actually return
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