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In another attempt to go around the problem illustrated here I'm thinking to use the config or run blocks of angular to start an Identification service and use constant or value to inject it to the controller in need (as explained in the other question routeProvider doesn't kick it for me since I need to resolve for controllers that control part of the view but aren't a route target```) something like:

.config('routeProvider.. ... ').
constant('me',['myUser', function(myUser){ // where myUser is a service

             return {me:data};

My questions:

  1. Is there a specific place I should do that in app.js? should it follow a config. or a run.?
  2. Is this a good Idea?
  3. would it even work? since for an unauthenticated user there wouldn't be and answer for myUser.getMyUser() before he authenticates. A resolve before the specific route would handle that correctly but as stated before, I don't have a route target here.

Thansk for the help

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take a look at some of these ngmodules.org/modules?query=authentication. Also blog.brunoscopelliti.com/… –  charlietfl Nov 17 '13 at 14:36

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