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I have been working on a proxy tester for about two weeks. I am running into the problem of not being able to access a non static field from a static context. The general intent is to create an array of classes that contain an instance structure:

        ProxyStruct[] pr = new ProxyStruct[this.proxyThreads];
        AliveTest[] testAlive = new AliveTest[this.proxyThreads];

        for (int j = 0; j < this.proxyThreads; j++)
            pr[j].setHttps(chkTestProxyHttps.Checked == true);
            if (chkBingProxyTest.Checked)
                if (chkGoogleProxyTest.Checked)

            testAlive[j] = new AliveTest(pr[j]);

This works fine with unique structures for each proxy passed in and creates each class as needed.

However, after the testAlive.Dowork has completed I need to pass two fields back to a ListView in the RunWorkerCompleted method. Unfortunately these methods have failed:

private void aliveTest_RunWorkerCompleted(object sender, RunWorkerCompletedEventArgs  runWorkerCompletedEventArgs)
    ProxyStruct p = _proxy;
    int pb = frmmain.setLVW(p);
    frmmain.listViewProxy.Items[_proxy.getProxyNo()].SubItems[3].Text = _proxy.getPassed();

Can anyone suggest some method for getting the data out of the instance structure and into the ListView? I am stumped. I have run each of the methods outside of a class and each method properly functions, excepting that they throw an illegal cross threads error that I have suppressed, but once placed into a class, I am unable to access the ListView that resides in the root thread? The purpose of the class is to provide the means for safe thread calls. What am I doing incorrectly? How may I correct the problem?

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