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I have a problem with symbolic functions. I am creating function of my own whose first argument is a string. Then I am converting that string to symbolic function:

f =  syms(func)

Lets say my string is sin(x). So now I want to calculate it using subs.

a = subs(f, 1)

The result is sin(1) instead of number.

For 0 it works and calculates correctly. What should I do to get the actual result, not only sin(1) or sin(2), etc.?

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You can use also use eval() to evaluate the function that you get by subs() function

a =

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Thank you, thats exactly what I was looking for:) – user2141889 Nov 17 '13 at 16:03
syms x
f = sin(x) ;

then if you want to assign a value to x , e.g. pi/2 you can do the following:

ans =

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