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I am trying to replace this piece of code :

        <Group type="level"/>
        <Group type="started"/>

I tried this regex


but its not working . Any one has a solution ?

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did you check the 'dot matches newlines' option? –  OGHaza Nov 17 '13 at 15:36
* should go after the ., no? –  peeskillet Nov 17 '13 at 15:37
@OGHaza yes , but its still not working –  user3001909 Nov 17 '13 at 15:37
@user3001909, do what peeskillet said too! .* not *. –  OGHaza Nov 17 '13 at 15:38
When you say it is not working, what did it do? –  AdrianHHH Nov 17 '13 at 15:38

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This doesn't work because the . doesn't match newlines. You can replace it with [\s\S] or add     (?s) at the begining of the pattern (or before the dot) to set the dotall mode (where newlines are matched with . too):



<Group>(.*?)</Group>    # with the dotall checkbox checked

note: you have inverted the position of the dot with the position of the quantifier.

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Your regex seems good but its not working :( . –  user3001909 Nov 17 '13 at 15:41
@user3001909: bigre! wait a minute I will test it. –  Casimir et Hippolyte Nov 17 '13 at 15:42
@user3001909: What's strange! I have tested it and it works. Have you checked the regular expression checkbox ? –  Casimir et Hippolyte Nov 17 '13 at 15:45
Works for me too –  peeskillet Nov 17 '13 at 15:46
@CasimiretHippolyte Thank you ! It works but only for one file at time . :) –  user3001909 Nov 17 '13 at 15:49

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