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I was able to create a MUC chat room using javascript, XMPP, Strophe, and openFire. The room was created and different user can join. Below is the code used to create the room:

function onConnected(status)
    if (status === Strophe.Status.CONNECTED) 
        con.addHandler(on_presence, null, "presence");
        con.addHandler(on_public_message, null, "message", "groupchat");
        con.addHandler(on_private_message, null, "message", "chat");

        var d = $pres({"from":"louis@louis-tosh","to":"myroom@conference.louis-tosh/Louis"})


The "myroom" is now created and automatically "louis@louis-tosh" joined the room. Waiting a few second, louis@louis-tosh user is suddenly disconnected (left the room). As this user disconnect, an on presence stanza is alerted. The on presence code is below:

function on_presence (presence)
    var from = $(presence).attr('from');
    var room = Strophe.getBareJidFromJid(from);
    var nick = Strophe.getResourceFromJid(from);

    var show = $(presence).find("show").text();
    if (show === "" || show === "chat") 
        alert('Presence From: ' + from + "(Online)");
    else if(show === "dnd")
        alert('Presence From: ' + from + "(Busy)");
        alert('Presence From: ' + from + "(Away)");

    return true;

I need to know why this disconnecting issue is occurring and if their is any suggestions on the above code. Any help or suggestion is really useful.

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What's the stanza that was received from the jabber server? –  Mark S Dec 2 '13 at 16:26

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