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I installed emacs live with emacs 24. It comes with autocompletion, which, I find, behaves strangely.

For example in HTML mode I type 'script', the completion popup shows with an 'a' character at the end of the completion entry. Hitting ENTER gives me the complete tag with type attribute set to 'text/javacsript' and the cursor placed withing the src attribute, ready to fill in the blank. Really nice.

But that worked only the first time I typed 'script', the 'a' character would not show anymore in the popup since then. The same for other HTML elements. Yet some still work, like typing 'href' gives me an 'a'-tag with 'href' attribute.

My emacs setup is a fresh installation with only emacs-live installed and a few custom key bindings. No configurations on autocompletion mode.

Anyone know of such a behavior? What am I doing wrong?

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