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When I'm running the test in Microsoft Test Manager I get an error: The build directory of the test run either does not exist or access permission is required.

What does it mean? Where can I check build directory?

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I suppose you are running automated tests.

If you are running automated test in Microsoft Test Manageg (MTM) you have Test Case(s) automated by your test implementation.
So MTM need to know where is the drop location of the build building your tests.

That means you have to:

  1. Create a Build definition that build the code implementing your tests.
  2. Configure MTM to use the drop location of this build definition.

You can check which build MTM is currently using here:

enter image description here

(I suppose you will have "undefined" standing there.)

You can configure which build is to use here:

enter image description here

Just check here how to configure your Test Plan which build to use when running tests: Creating and Defining a Test Plan

Additionally I would highly recommend you this free e-book: Testing for Continuous Delivery with Visual Studio 2012

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