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I have been looking for HTML/XHTML/CSS rendering libraries built in Java.

I tried Flying Saucer, CSSBox, and Cobra/Lobo. SwingBox (which uses CSSBox) is built on a JEditorPane, and it is also more active than Flying Saucer, which is why I was trying it out.

However, I cannot get it to render HTML:

BrowserPane pane = new BrowserPane();
pane = new BrowserPane();
URL url = new URL("http://cssbox.sourceforge.net/documentation.php");

Results in a JFrame containing plain text. How do I get it to render HTML?

If you know of other HTML rendering libraries (or know how to use components like XHTMLPane from Flying Saucer), I need the following properties:

  1. Renders HTML/XTHML/CSS
  2. Built on swing JComponent that can be put in a JScrollPane
  3. Can render HTML directly input into the frame (ie: JEditorPane's .setText() method works)
  4. Is compatible with linkListeners and mouseListeners (so I can hover on links and call some method when links are clicked)

The problem I had with XHTMLPane is that nothing complies with its proper XHTML; most websites throw exceptions for some tag that is not closed correctly or some syntax error.

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Does the SwingBrowser demo (contained in the package) work for you? Does SwingBox print something to stdout? How is BrowserPane added to JFrame? And what plain text does it contain? Only the text of the page or even the HTML tags? –  radkovo Nov 18 '13 at 7:42
Sorry for the year-long response. I had given up on the project. -The BoxBrowser demo seems to work. -Not sure what the stdout of the SwingBox is. -BrowserPane is added to the JFrame by setting a scrollPane's viewport to pane, and then adding the scrollpane to the contentpane of the JFrame. -Plain text is the HTML source of the page. –  laifs Dec 27 '14 at 2:00

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