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I have a ZedGraph control with multiple Y axis, and I want to allow the user to change the order in which the Y axis are displayed.

Unfortunately there is no Move method on the YAxisList object of the GraphPane, like it exists on the CurveList.

The indexers on the YAxisList are readonly. I can not use the good old swap snippet to swap axis in the list.

How can I proceed ?

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I implemented a extension method inspired by the Move method of the CurveList.

The trap is that the Y Axis Indexes of existing curves needs to be updated accordingly.

public static int Move(this YAxisList list, GraphPane pane, int index, int relativePos)
    if (index < 0 || index >= list.Count)
        return -1;

    var axis = list[index];

    var newIndex = index + relativePos;

    if (newIndex < 0)
        newIndex = 0;
    if (newIndex > list.Count)
        newIndex = list.Count;

    list.Insert(newIndex, axis);

    foreach (var curve in pane.CurveList)
        if (curve.YAxisIndex == newIndex)
            curve.YAxisIndex = index;
        else if (curve.YAxisIndex == index)
            curve.YAxisIndex = newIndex;

    return newIndex;
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