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I have a table MySQL MyISAM engine.

Primary key column name "id" AUTO_INCREMENT //No sequence assigned!

I would like to assign an AUTO_INCREMENT sequence= "00001", so that when I add new rows

I would get:

row  1) id=00001
row  2) id=00002
row  3) id=00003
row  9) id=00009
row 10) id=00010

My intent is to keep the value for id of a fix length of 5 characters until 99.999 records.

Is this possible from phpmyadmin? Can I alter my table this way?

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Define the length of the int-field to be 5 (INT(5)) and select "ZEROFILL" (or specify it as an attribute if you're doing the CREATE/ALTER-statements in SQL).

Any value above 5 digits will be returned as usual (100000), while the smaller values will be prefixed with zeroes (00001).

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works great. thanks –  user2988759 Nov 17 '13 at 19:56
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